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*SOLD OUT* Limited Run, PreOrder: Before Fashion illustration 1st edition 200 prints

*SOLD OUT* Limited Run, PreOrder: Before Fashion illustration 1st edition 200 prints

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I am an artist that specializes in interrelated media. This means I use a lot of different mediums to create my work before fashion illustration is a prequel to the story label secrets. Both of these take place in this new comic format I call an RDomic

RDomic??? That sounds weird so you replaced the c in comic with RD??

yes !! RDomics are comics that focus on interrelated media and technology to elevate the communication of the comic. 

I’m only selling 200 and making it a 1st Edition so that it’ll be distinct from future copies I sell. Delivered by December 25th. As bad rapping is a Christmas story check out the link for more context

In bad rapping episode 7 still in the studio act 5 villainous saga label secrets occurs. Richard Davis puts something in the magic chest and the magic chest causes you to lose your memory. Anyway now Richard Davis is working for the label to make music for the inter dimensional corporations from hell.. what a horrible name, anyways Richard is stuck to a horrible contract forced to execute mercenary contracts for the head of the corporation with the bad name. The head of the corporation isn’t called the ceo.! they call them the devil. And the demons Cupid poor sad Cupid a junky for love and Richard’s the supplier. Richard Davis you’re going to lose ha ha but maybe not because Richard Davis from before you went in the magic chest new you’d forget so they made you before fashion illustration. To remind you it’s smooth



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